Offers & Refunds

Offers & Refunds

Loyalty Cards

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we are sorry to announce that we will not be able to accept or issue any new loyalty card upgrades, free tickets or stamps.

We hope to reinstate this loyalty scheme and all of its associated benefits as soon as possible given we are firm believers in supporting our community of cinemagoers and making cinemagoing more accessible for all.

We hope you understand this temporary suspension of the scheme, however if you are unhappy with this change please contact us at

Alhambra Refunds

Please fill out the contact form below for all refund requests.

We will attempt to process your refund by calling you directly within 3 days, however this may take longer than usual as we begin to reopen our screens to the public.

Please note: we cannot refund any online booking fees that you have paid alongside the ticket price.

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