Private Hire

Private Hire

Private hire of our screens is available for booking via our 'What's On' page!

Depending on the time, date and screen, private hire will cost either £100, £150 or £200.

Screen 1 can house a maximum of 40 guests for a private hire.
Screen 2 can house a maximum of 30 guests for a private hire.
Screen 3 can house a maximum of 16 guests for a private hire.

If additional guests are wanted you must contact Joe Watters via the email address 

All seating must be socially distanced even when privately hiring our screens. This means that bubbles must not exceed 6 people with each bubble arriving with 2 metres between one another, sitting with a 2-seat gap between each bubble and with no bubble being sat in front of/ behind any other bubble. If you are unsure of what we mean by this, please email the contact above or call us on 01768 862 400 to clarify.

Please ensure you accurately provide your name, phone number and email address when you book so that we can contact you to arrange the film of your choice. Please have a list of your top 3 films in mind in preparation for this phone call/ email. The running time of your film cannot exceed 2 hours unless this is pre-arranged with a member of management.

There will be no advertisements beforehand so please make sure you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before and no later than 10 minutes after your hire slot.

Food/drink/alcohol will be available from our retail office as normal, but you will also be entitled to an exclusive £4 deal that covers a small popcorn and medium draft drink of your choice. Pre-ordering snacks/ drinks is not possible at this time.

All of our screens are wheelchair accessible, however please notify our staff if our accessibility ramp is needed to cross the stairs for Screen 1 by emailing Joe Watters at ahead of your booking date.

The dimensions for our lift to Screens 1 and 2 are as follows: 97cm x 74cm